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Pripyat National Park — the Belarusian “Amazon land”


The greatest wood in Belarus to mention is Polesye. It is the heart of “Pripyatsky” National Park, situated in the south of Belarus, 250 km from Minsk. Polesye spreads on both sides of the Pripyat River. The park’s area is about 190,000 hectares, where you find high wetlands, River Pripyat with its huge flood-lands , oak forests,  turf swamps, 500 hectares of cranberry fields.

The area is kept it the special nature preservation conditions with a minimum influence of the human activity. In the undisturbed lands and waters of Polesye and Turau region (as its part) you’ll find about 45 species of wild animals like zubr-European bison, elk, wild boar, red deer, lynx, beaver, badger, mink, dormouse, reptilians, turtles, over 30 fish varieties  and over 265 bird species including owls, eagles, black stork, egrets. Higher plants and more than 200 species of moss are representing the richness of the park’s flora.  As well as a great place for nature explorers “Pripyatsky” National Park has a historical, archaeological and cultural value. The town of Turau is one of the oldest Slavic towns, the center of the Medieval Age.

The museum of local folklore, a nature museum, science laboratories, ancient churches are there for your visit. Fairs and exhibitions, fishermen and boat racing are waiting for you if you get a chance to visit the festival of ethnocultural traditions “Polesie’s Call”. The authentic dances, songs, the local way of life and ancient crafts might impress you with their ethnocultural identity. The park offers you sightseeing, fishing and hunting  tours, ecological photo trips, boat tours, which are the most pleasant ways to explore something new!

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1 day 

Departure from Minsk  to Slutsk.

You will visit one of the largest Belarusian art crafts enterprises, the history of which is several centuries: in the second half of the 18th and the first half of the 19th centuries, the manufacture of belts was established at the manufactory owned by the Radzivils. Subsequently, these belts were called «Slutsk». Long, wide belts with a beautiful pattern and complex weaving of precious threads were a symbol of belonging to the elite. In 2012-2013, after studying the secrets of weavers, the artistic features of the belts and the materials from which they were made, in the ancient city of Slutsk recreated a unique technology. When making copies, weavers use natural silk, threads with gold and silver content. There are no analogues to these products in the world/

Drive to Turov


Visit Turov - one of the most mysterious cities in Belarus. Mysterious stone crosses have many legends and rumors, which according to the legend sailed on the Pripyat River during Vladimir of Rus baptism. Now two of the cross are installed at the Church of All Saints, and another (XIX c.) In the old cemetery. Locals say that the third cross annually "grows" a few millimeters out of the ground. It is interesting to see the script  "Drevniy Turov." - remains of stone buildings of the XI, which was destroyed during an earthquake in 1230. On Zamkovaya Gora stands the monument of Kirill Turovsky, the Belarusian Christian leaders, who in the XII century, he became famous as the "vtoroi zlatoust"

 Drive to the Prypiat Park.

Check into the Hotel

Free time (dinner not included)

2 day


Prypiat National Park - full day

You  can  visit: 

The museum of nature,  Safari Park. 

You can enjoy forest lodging with guides for birdwatching, fishing, boating or, in the winter, ice-fishing (followed by vodka and a sauna, of course). 

Your best bet is a safari tour (2h) or a river Prypiat cruise. The two-hour safaris  run only from September to May, when there is the best chance to spot bison, moose and other mammals; dusk yields the best results. A one-hour river cruise in a speedy aluminium outboard takes you along the Pripyat River and some of its tributaries, with plenty of birds to ogle along the way.

Pic-nic in Park (included)

Dinner (not included)

3 day

Breakfast. Check out

Drive to Mikashevichi

Granite quarry in Mikashevichi is a unique place in Belarus not only because more than forty years of mining granite, but also because it is the largest granite quarry in Europe. Of course, the quarry impresses with its scale and resembles a huge industrial amphitheater. Even the huge 45-ton BELAZes seem small and slow. The quarry is actively expanding and only becomes deeper with the years. Vivid impressions and magnificent photos from viewing platforms on excursions are guaranteed to you!

Drive to Soligorsk



Salt mountains (visual inspection)

Terrikons, «Salt heaps», «Soligorsk Mountains», «Belarusian Iceland» - as soon as they do not call the local «landmark» of the city of Soligorsk. Indeed, amazing landscapes are breathtaking and attract the eye. Dangerous beauty looks like real mountains. For the sake of beautiful species, it is not necessary to go to forbidden territory, everything is visible from afar: huge salt dumps in the background of a densely populated young city.

Arrival at Minsk


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Salt mountains


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